Promoting sustainable resource management principles and practices along rights-of-way
What is

Integrated Vegetation Management

IVM promotes desirable, stable, low-growing plant communities that resist invasion by tall growing tree species through the use of appropriate, environmentally sound, and cost-effective control methods. These methods can include a combination of chemical, biological, cultural, mechanical, and manual treatments.

Reliable Electricity

Renewing the utility industry’s commitment to integrated vegetation management (IVM) and best management practices (BMPs) to maintain power system reliability and improve relations with state and federal agencies, and stakeholder groups.

Environment Benefits

Accreditation that provides a standard of excellence for environmental stewardship and the opportunity for utility companies to demonstrate their commitment to ensure better and broader understanding of the societal benefits of IVM.


Recognizing excellence in the practice of IVM on the North American electric power grid, ensuring safety, security, access, and regulatory compliance in an environmentally beneficial, cost-effective manner.

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